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1. In all residence permit applications, the administration may request additional information and documents.

2. It is essential that the residence permit applications are made by the foreigner himself. These applications can also be made through the legal representative of the foreigner or the lawyer presenting the power of attorney, but the administration may request the foreigner to be present during the application.

3. The administration may meet with the foreigner when necessary so that the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in Turkey can be clearly demonstrated.

4. The person whose application is received is given a “Residence Permit Application Document” by the administration. This document provides the right to legal stay in Turkey for 90 days from the date of application.

5. Residence Permit Application Form is filled on the basis of passport or valid documents instead of passport.

6. During the application, missing or required supplementary information and documents are notified to the foreigner and the foreigner is asked to submit them within one month. Otherwise, the application will not be evaluated.

7. The photograph should be taken within the last 6 months (from the front, face open, in a way that can easily identify the foreigner), the background should be white and biometric.

8. The original passport is presented.

9. In cases where the passport is not written in Latin letters, its translation approved by a sworn translator or official authorities is also attached to the application.

10. If there is no distinction between name and surname in the passport, a document showing the clear identity information to be obtained from the foreigner’s own representative is requested.

11. The property must be residential and used for this purpose. In addition, the immovable that is used as a residence in cases of shared or joint ownership of family members also gives the right to apply for a residence permit to family members. Immovable properties that do not include other family members can only form a basis for the determination of financial means.

12. Pursuant to the Circular of the Undersecretariat of Treasury in health insurance policies, “This policy covers the minimum coverage structure determined in the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be Made for Residence Permit Requests dated 6/6/2014 and numbered 9..” phrase must be present. Private insurances made abroad are valid only if they are signed by the domestic branches of insurance companies. Those who are covered by bilateral social security agreements should bring a letter documenting their situation. The insurance period should cover the desired residence permit period.

13. If requested by the administration, the foreigner is obliged to submit a document showing the criminal record issued by the competent authorities of the country where he is a citizen or legally residing.

14. Since residence permits will be sent to the address of the person via PTT, information such as street, neighborhood, street, outer door no, inner door no, district, province must be declared in full. In addition, if the address information changes, the change must be notified within 20 days.

15. A birth certificate for the foreign child may be requested by the administration in residence permit applications.

16. Obligation to Comply with the Invitation: According to Article 97 of the Law, foreigners, applicants and persons with international protection status; They may be invited to the relevant governor’s office or the General Directorate for reasons such as the need for an investigation regarding his entry or stay in Turkey, the possibility of a deportation decision being taken, and the notification of transactions related to the implementation of this Law. Foreigners can be brought in by the law enforcement without being invited, in case of non-compliance or serious doubt about non-compliance. This process cannot be applied as administrative detention and the time for obtaining information cannot exceed four hours.

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