New Rules for Foreigner Settlement Restrictions in Turkey in 2023

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Explore the latest rules on foreigner settlement restrictions in Turkey, highlighting neighborhood limits and implications for real estate investments.

Understanding the Changes to Foreigner Settlement Restrictions in Turkey

On 30.06.2022, the Presidency of Migration Management made a significant statement regarding the changes to foreigner settlement restrictions in Turkey. This new decree states that the foreigner’s quota, which was 25% before in Turkey, is now reduced to 20% as of June 1. This is a preventative measure to stop foreigners from concentrating in certain regions of Turkey.

As per the previous rules, it was prohibited for any region or territory in Turkey to have a foreign population that constitutes more than 25% of the overall population. However, with recent waves of immigrants bypassing this legislation, Turkey had to reaffirm its stance on foreigner settlement restrictions in recent months. The plan is to limit the number of districts or locations that foreign nationals can claim as their registered residence. This change was anticipated to take effect soon.

Turkey’s Ex Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu, announced that starting from June 1, some neighborhoods would be closed to foreigners across various states. This move aims to control the number of foreigners in Turkey’s provinces and districts and to prevent them from clustering in specific areas. In line with the new state immigration policy addressing foreigner settlement restrictions in Turkey, foreigners cannot exceed 20% of the population in a neighborhood and 10% of the population in a town/district and city.

new foreigner settlement restrictions in Turkey

new foreigner settlement restrictions in Turkey

1169 Neighborhoods in 58 Different Cities Closed for Residence Permits

Now, a total of 1169 neighborhoods in 58 different cities are closed for new residence permit applications. There are 4 neighborhoods in Alanya district, 2 neighborhoods in Döşemealtı district, 3 neighborhoods in Konyaaltı district, and 1 neighborhood in Muratpaşa district among the closed neighborhoods in Antalya province.

Click here for the full and detailed list of the neighborhoods closed for residence permit

NOTE: In addition to this list, the first residence permit applications made by showing the addresses of Avcılar, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Esenler, Esenyurt, Fatih, Küçükçekmece, Sultangazi and Zeytinburnu districts in Istanbul will not be accepted.

New foreign national candidates cannot obtain a residence permit even if they buy property in these closed regions.

The current title deed holders are unaffected by the new law. Holders of titles will still be able to reside there. Even if they live in restricted areas, they are allowed to renew their residency permits.

Does the New Law Prohibit Renting or Buying a Property in Turkey?

Of course not. In Turkey, real estate investments are still viable. The property you’ve bought can be rented out even if you don’t have a residence permit. If you need a residency permit, you must pay attention to the forbidden neighborhoods listed in the new law. Simply TR can answer all your questions about buying real estate in Turkey with its licensed sales consultants.

For more information: Application and Extension for Turkish Residence Permit: Full Guide

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