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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment (TCBI) program has been introduced by the Turkish Government with the amendment of Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901 on 19th September 2018. In line with the new regulations, foreigners who satisfy the below mentioned investment requirements will be able to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Option a

Minimum Property Investment of $400k USD

Option B

Minimum Investment of $500k USD Bank Deposit

Option C

Acquire Government Bonds of minimum $500k USD

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Benefits of turkish citizenship

  • Citizenship in 6 months only

  • Immediate Residency Permit issued after investment

  • Spouse and Children 18 Included

  • Dual Citizenship allowed

  • Free Education and Universities

  • No need to declare wealth

  • Full free medical services for all family

  • No Taxation on abroad Income or Assets

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Opening Bank Account

Opening Bank Account Foreigners can open a bank account in Turkey. Although each bank has slightly different procedure for opening

The way to your Turkish citizenship

30-60 days

  • Opening a new Turkish Bank Account
  • Identifying the Approved Investment Property with our Real Estate Experts in Turkey
  • Placing funds in the Bank Account
  • Completion of the property purchase (sale transfer)
  • Preparation & Legalization of the Required Documents
  • Application & Obtaining Immediate Turkish Residency Permit

The way to your Turkich citizenship

90-120 days

  • Submitting Turkish Citizenship Application
  • Background Check
  • Submitting Fingerprints
  • Issuance of new Turkish Passports and ID Cards

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