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In the Recruitment Law No. 7179 and Recruitment Regulation; How […]

In the Recruitment Law No. 7179 and Recruitment Regulation; How it will be done, who will be exempt from military service and who have to do military service are explained in detail. In this blog, we will provide information about the military service of people who later became Turkish citizens.

According to Article 43 of the Law,

(1)  Those who acquire Turkish citizenship later, perform their military service like obligatory persons who entered the military age in that year, according to their age and educational status at the time of citizenship. Those who certify that they did their military service in the countries they came from before they were granted Turkish citizenship or that they were deemed to have fulfilled their military service are considered to have served in the military at the age of 22 or older in the year they were naturalized. Their military service is postponed for two years from the date of their naturalization upon their request. Those born in the military age in that year are processed by taking the roll call in the year when the postponements will end. In case of mobilization, they can be sent to the military as needed.

(2) The military procedures of those who regained Turkish citizenship after losing their Turkish citizenship for various reasons, are in compliance with the provisions of this Law, taking into account their previous military service stages. executed accordingly.


In short, as it can be understood from this decision, there are separate cases for those who are not yet 20 years old, those who are over 20 and those who are 20 years old. . If you haven’t turned 20, then you will have to wait for the time for the roll call and examination. Those who are 20 years old when you are naturalized and those who are older than 20 years old when they are naturalized have to take attendance and examination in the year they are naturalized.


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