How to know how much does it cost for the residence permit in Turkey? Find out the cost for your application fee with our Turkey residence permit cost estimator tool.

You can calculate estimated cost for Turkey residence permit cost estimation form below.

There are certain fees that must be paid in order to obtain a residence permit. These fees are updated every year and the residence permit fees in Turkey for 2021 are:

Turkey Residence permit costs

160 TL for residence permit card fee,
1040 TL for residence permit fee,
Although it varies according to the age of the foreigner who has applied for the permit, the health insurance fee (it varies between 1250 TL and 5500 TL. It is obligatory for people under the age of sixty-five),
Maximum 450 TL for notary and translation expenses,
89.23 TL per page for Apostille approval fees (This expenditure may not be necessary),
It is as stated.

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