The Problem of Not Getting Rent from Foreigners Has Started

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The problem of not paying rent arose between landlords and […]

The problem of not paying rent arose between landlords and foreigners. It is stated that the problem is especially experienced in those who rent houses to illegal Afghan and Pakistani immigrants.

Corda said that there are problems caused by illegal Afghan and Pakistani immigrants, and that there are also those who rent a house and then go abroad and neglect to pay. Stating that the government and non-governmental organizations related to the sector have important duties to inform, Carda suggested that the landlords should make short-term agreements and pay the rent in advance. Carda, who also suggested that they make an agreement with a commitment to eviction, said, “They should definitely ask for a passport from the foreigner. The passport may be authentic or not. Therefore, these contracts must be made in the presence of a lawyer.” gave the information.

More common in furnished homes

Head of Istanbul Chamber of Realtors Nizamettin Aşa said that those who rented their houses to refugees or illegal people could not find any contact with the escape of these people. Noting that they have warned the owners about this problem that has increased recently, Aşa said, “We say don’t rent it without a work or residence permit, or at least ask for your passport, inform the Consulate and the police. However, some owners are tempted by the high prices offered by these people who only come with an ID in their pocket. But when this person leaves, they cannot find a contact person. Or pass it on to someone else. Therefore, it is impossible to follow these people,” he said.

Aşa said that such problems are more common in furnished houses that are rented for short periods, and that they are mostly concentrated in Afghan and Pakistani immigrants. Aşa stated that the problem will increase more in the future.

Foreigners meet the high rent demand

Noting that the owners look for the rental price to be of a value that will satisfy them when renting out their immovable properties, Mono Law’s Founder Attorney Hanife Emine Kara said, “These values ​​are mostly achieved by leasing to foreign nationals, but the lessors act primarily with the aim of obtaining high rental income. while ignoring the problems they may experience in the future.”

Indicating that the first problem encountered in the lease agreements concluded with foreign nationals is that the tenant does not have a residence permit or tax number, Kara said, “In case of renting to a foreigner who does not have a foreign identification number or tax number with a mere passport, in case of a possible dispute, the tenant will not have a residence permit in Turkey. property will not be accessible. Lessors have the right to initiate enforcement proceedings against the tenant who does not pay the rent and to demand the eviction of the tenant. However, the most important problem encountered if these tenants do not pay their rental fees after the signed lease agreements are mostly the lack of collection capability,” he said.

Leases with a Turkish guarantor

Istanbul Real Estate Brokers Club (İSTEB) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ulvi Özcan, said that they do not directly rent a house when renting a house to foreigners, and that they always get a Turkish guarantor with a good findex report. Stating that a 2+1 flat, which Turks cannot rent for 25 thousand TL, is more suitable for foreigners, as the Turkish lira depreciates against foreign currency, Özcan said that they do not have any problems due to the contracts they have implemented as a company.

Foreign tenant lawsuits are also on the rise

Indicating that immovable rentals of foreign nationals for the purpose of residing in Turkey have increased considerably recently, Mono Law Founder Lawyer Hanife Emine Kara said, “In direct proportion to the increase in rental agreements concluded with foreign nationals, disputes arising from these rentals and lawsuits and enforcement proceedings filed in courthouses. follow-up increased significantly. We can say that there has been a remarkable increase in the number of enforcement proceedings with a request for eviction initiated in the enforcement offices due to the non-payment of rental fees, and in the number of cases heard in the enforcement law courts,” he said.

Pay attention to these when renting a house to foreigners

Lawyer Hanife Emine Kara listed the precautions to be taken in order not to have rent problems with foreigners as follows:

*Although the lessors who have concluded a lease agreement with foreign nationals try to eliminate the solution by reclaiming the 6-month or 1-year rental fee in order to avoid problems in the collection of rental fees, this way is not a long-term solution. As a matter of fact, lease agreements are automatically renewed for 1-year periods at the end of the contract period, and the rental relationship essentially continues. Disputes also arise mostly during these renewed lease periods.

*For this reason, my most important advice to those who rent their immovables to foreign nationals is that they should definitely get a guarantor for their rental agreements.

*In surety contracts, it is obligatory to specify the maximum amount that the guarantor will be responsible for and the date of the suretyship. It is also obligatory for the surety to indicate the maximum amount for which he is responsible and the date of guarantee in his own handwriting in the surety contract. Otherwise, the bail will not be valid.

*Another point to be considered here is that if the period for which the guarantor will be responsible is not specified separately, the surety will not continue for the renewed rental periods since it will be deemed to have been guarantored only for the duration of the contract. For this reason, I recommend that the period for which the guarantor will be responsible be written separately outside the contract period.

*In addition to this, it will be beneficial to take the deposit in accordance with the law, considering the upper limit in rental agreements concluded. It is possible to receive these amounts, which are defined as security deposits in the law and which are called deposits among the people, and which come to the agenda at the stage of the conclusion of the contract, as three months’ rent.

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