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 Circular of Issue Documents sent to 81 Provincial Governorships by our Ministry.

In the circular, it was reminded that during the curfew, the main priority of which was to avoid any disruption in the production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains during the full closure period, as in the previous restriction periods, a curfew exemption was introduced for those working in the aforementioned sectors.


In the circular, during the fight against the epidemic; It is stated that it is extremely important that exemptions are not abused, the spread of the disease and the social burden, especially health workers, is extremely important. It was stated that it will end on Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 24.00. The following information was given about the circular duty documents: 


As of Thursday, April 29, 2021, people working in places such as workplaces/factories/manufacturers that are within the scope of exemptions will apply for a  job document  through the e-application system of the Ministry of Interior on the e-government platform. The workplace registration number will be determined according to the social security number of the people who apply for the job certificate and it will be checked whether the workplace is within the scope of the exemption according to the field of activity. Thanks to the integrations provided with the relevant Ministries, as a result of these inquiries that will be made instantly and automatically, a duty document will be automatically issued through the system if the compatibility between the notification and the required conditions is determined.


The printout of the job document, which includes the identity information of the applicant, the purpose of being at the workplace during the curfew, the working period/time zone, the workplace and residence address, the service or license plate information to be used, if any, is provided by the applicant. will be signed by the workplace/company official.


In case the applicant cannot obtain a job certificate on time due to temporary situations such as problems that may occur in the use of the e-application system, systemic density, and access errors, the job certificate of which a sample is provided in Annex-1, provided that it is valid for a maximum of three days. The form can be filled out manually and signed by the employee and workplace/company official.

The workplace/company official is responsible for the accuracy of the information that the person specified in the document he signed works in the workplace/company where he is authorized, that he must be at the workplace for a compulsory purpose during the curfew, and the person for whom a duty document is issued is due to the accuracy of the information about him and for exemption during the curfew. accordingly, it will be responsible for acting limited by time and route.

The issued duty document will be kept with the personnel working in the workplaces that are exempted during the curfews and will be presented to the inspection teams during the controls to be made. The duty documents produced through the e-application system will be transmitted to the law enforcement information systems simultaneously, and during the audit activities to be carried out by the law enforcement officers, those who do not/cannot present a valid duty document or whose exemption reason, time and route specified in the duty document and their status during the audit are not compatible Judicial and administrative action will be taken against workplace officials who provide incomplete/false information.


At this point, the necessary guidance activities will be focused on by the relevant professional chambers, especially the chambers of tradesmen, industry and/or commerce and agriculture, and the workplaces/companies in their fields of activity will be informed and encouraged to comply with the rules.


For the public personnel who will work in the service buildings/places of public institutions and organizations that will provide service with minimum personnel within the full closure period, the  Public Personnel Mission Statement Document, whose sample is given in Annex-2, is also provided by the authorized manager. /strong> will be arranged and public personnel within this scope will be subject to exemption, limited to the route between their residence and workplace, within the period of their duty.


In addition, with the improvements made to facilitate the access of our citizens while they were in the E-Application System, which is one of the services offered by our Ministry in the e-Government before, travel permit applications have been made to be directly accessible from the e-Government Ministry of Interior Services list.


In order to prevent the victims of funeral home citizens, Funeral Leave Service was made directly accessible separately from the travel permit application. In addition, during the application for a funeral permit, citizens  electronically Death Certificate  installation application was also abandoned. The accuracy of the application subject will be confirmed by system integrations between our Ministry and the Ministry of Health.

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