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In the last days of 2021, Turkish citizens and foreign […]

In the last days of 2021, Turkish citizens and foreign nationals living in Turkey got a Polish visa and entered into research to go to Poland. So what is required to go to Poland? How can you get a visa? You can find them in this blog post.

Poland is a republic with a population of nearly 40 million and its capital city Warsaw. Its surface area is 312,679 km². It borders on Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania. Poland is a country that attracts attention with its untouched nature, traditional architecture, square city squares, mountain and sea towns, history that witnessed the wars that shaped the world, cinema, classical music, education system, student life and nightlife. p>

Work Visa in Poland 

Simply TR, helps you to get a work visa in Poland. First of all, we will have a mutual agreement regarding the company information and the process that you will work in Poland. Another important information is that you must have a valid passport for at least 18 months and foreign nationals must have a residence permit.

Required Information and Documents

* Contract

* Invitation Card

* Insurance

* Visa Result

* Flight Ticket

* Welcome

 * 3 months contract

For detailed information about work visa in Poland, you can watch our video.

For detailed information: 0534 627 07 23


Study in Poland For detailed information about visa, you can watch our video.

For more information: 0212 534 64 04 – 0535 108 94 60

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