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There is no legal obstacle for foreign nationals to marry […]

There is no legal obstacle for foreign nationals to marry either a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or a foreign national in Turkey. In order for marriage to have legal consequences in Turkey, it is necessary to establish a marriage contract before an authorized officer. Officials are authorized to marry in our country. In places where there is a municipality, the marriage is held by the mayor or the officials appointed by him, and by the headmen in the villages.

Marriage of Turkish Citizens with a Foreigner in Turkey

If one of the parties is Turkish, the other is a foreigner or both are foreigners, the parties can get married before the Turkish authorities.  Foreign nationals are required to obtain a certificate of celibacy from the foreign representative of their country. The certificate of celibacy is related to the identity information of the person and that there is no obstacle to marriage, and it is also accepted as a certificate of marriage license. If the foreigner receives the bachelor’s certificate from the Istanbul consulate, it must be approved by the Istanbul Governor’s Office of Legal Affairs, and in the case of Ankara, it must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case the foreigners get the certificate of celibacy from their own country, it must be approved by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in their country or an Apostille approval must be made.

What are the Terms of Marriage with a Foreigner?

The man and woman who will marry each other,  Applications for marriage can be made by applying jointly to the municipality of residence of one of the parties or by a proxy authorized by a power of attorney containing a special provision for the marriage proceedings.

How to Apply for Marriage

Both of the parties to be married can apply for marriage by applying to the municipality where one of the parties resides, either in person or through their attorney. Pursuant to Article 20 of the Marriage Regulation, the following documents must be provided by the persons to be married.

Required Documents from Turkish Citizens:

  1. Republic of Turkey Identity Card (The last change in their marital status must be processed);
  2. 5 passport photos;
  3. Health report from the Family Health Physician (Reports from private hospitals must be approved by the family health physician);

Required Documents from Foreign Nationals:

  1. Notarized copy of the Turkish-translated passport (Applications of those whose passport, visa and residence period have expired will not be accepted);
  2. 5 passport photos;
  3. Health report from the Family Health Physician (Reports from private hospitals must be approved by the family health physician);
  4. Copy of residence permits of those residing in Turkey;
  5. Certificate of Celibacy and Birth (Can be obtained from the foreign country or the foreign representative of the country in Turkey);
  6. Those whose mother and father’s name is included in the Birth Certificate (Singleness) certificate do not need to obtain a birth certificate).


In the 13th article of the Marriage Regulation, which came into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 07/11/1985 and numbered 18921, “The applications of stateless or refugees and foreigners whose citizenship status is not regular are accepted by the marriage officers. If the population registration is kept, the marriage license certificate to be given from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, and if the population registration has not been established yet, it is determined by the document to be given by these authorities according to the information in the files kept by the security authorities. regulation.

In Article 13 of the Law No. 5718 on International Law and Procedural Law, “(1) Marriage capacity and conditions are subject to the national law of each of the parties at the time of marriage. (2) The law of the country where the marriage was made applies. (3) The general provisions of marriage, the joint national law of the spouses. The law of common habitual residence is applied if the parties are of separate citizenship, and Turkish law is applied in the absence of it. provisions.

In the event that the nationality status of the Syrian foreigners under temporary protection within the framework of the Article 91 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 and the Temporary Protection Regulation is evaluated by the marriage offices irregularly (in applications made without a passport, celibacy certificate, etc.), the marriage of these persons is carried out by the General Directorate of Migration Management and the provincial authorities. It is done according to the documents to be given based on the records kept by the organization.

In this respect; Syrian foreigners under temporary protection who want to get married; If they apply to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management in the province where they are located and apply to the marriage offices with a “Marriage License Certificate”, which will be given according to the current information in the records kept by these administrations.

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