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With the exception of the head of state or government, […]

With the exception of the head of state or government, who is entitled to an A-1 visa regardless of the purpose of the trip to the United States, the visa type of a diplomat or other government official depends on the reason for entering the United States. government officials traveling on an informal trip as tourists or tourists are required to travel on an H, L, or B visa or, if applicable, under the Visa Waiver Program; They do not have the right to obtain diplomatic or official visas.

Spouses, Partners and Children: Persons eligible for a family member visa; Spouses and  unmarried and eligible girls and boys living in the same house with the main applicant: (A) Under the age of 21 (B) Under the age of 23, who are continuing their university education on a full-time basis.  Family members who are not eligible for a family member visa can apply for a B1/B2 visa.

B1/B2 visa applicants have to pay the application fee (MRV),  or, if applicable, the inter-country agreement fee.

**Note: A, G and NATO visa applicants are exempt from paying the visa fee for official visas only.

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