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Those who have a work permit from home; Child care, patient care, elderly care.

There are two ways to get a study permit. Applying for a work permit for Turkey from your own country and applying for a work permit after coming to Turkey and obtaining a residence permit. In order to get a work permit through home services, it is not necessary to be a student. We prefer and recommend that the children to be cared for by foreigners who want to obtain a work permit through child care should be under the age of 12. In this way, the probability of approval is higher. In order to obtain a work permit through patient or elderly care, the sick documents of the person to be cared for are an important element in the work permit approval. One of the most important criteria is the amount of income entering the household. The more income, the better.

How to Apply Abroad?

The employer in Turkey prepares the employment contracts. Necessary petitions, documents and documents are sent to the person whose work permit is requested. The person receiving the documents goes to the Turkish Consulate in his country and creates an application. After that, the work permit process is started. Approval or notification of missing documents is made within approximately 30 days. After approval, the fee is paid and the visa holder goes to the consulate again.

How to Apply for a Work Permit in Turkey  Is it done?

The current residence permit must be at least more than 6 months . You can apply for a work permit until the last day of your residence permit. We get your signatures by preparing the documents of the employer and the worker. We forward your electronic signature to you. Afterwards, you apply to the Ministry of Labor and within 30 days, your work permit decision is issued in direct proportion to your income. After approval, the fees are deposited in the bank. Finally, your work card arrives at the employer’s home.

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