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How should foreign nationals who want to establish a company in Turkey follow?  Can they establish a company in Turkey? Can you become a partner in a company?  In this blog post, we will talk about company establishment.

Yes, foreigners can establish a company in Turkey. Regarding foreign investors Foreign Direct Investors No. 4875 Law is available. In this law, the principle of freedom of investment, equal treatment and encouragement of foreign investors has been adopted. Even some assurances have been given to foreign investors.

First of all, we should point out that the company establishment and commercial activities of foreigners were followed by the law no. 4875 and Turkish Commercial Code and Turkish Code of Obligations  subject to its terms. Apart from this, there is a regulation on the implementation of the  Law No.4875 . Finally, we should also mention the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners’ here.

Therefore, the company to be established by the foreigner must comply with the provisions of this law. For this reason, it is very important for foreign investors to follow this process with the help of experienced lawyers. (You can contact Simply TR for legal services.)

-Which Companies Can Foreigners Establish in Turkey-

As Private Companies; Collective company, Limited company, Ordinary company, Cooperative companies..

As Capital Companies; Incorporated company, Limited company, Company whose capital is divided into shares..

The conditions for establishing a company in Turkey for foreigners vary according to the type of company. You can see the types of companies we mentioned above in detail in another blog post.

-Companies Subject to Ministry’s Permission-

Incorporated Companies whose Establishment and Changes in Articles of Association are Subject to the Permission of the Ministry are as follows;

* Banks, 
* Leasing companies, 
* Factoring companies, 
* Consumer finance and card services companies, 
* Asset management companies, 
* Insurance companies, 
* Holdings established as joint stock companies, 
* Companies operating a currency kiosk, 
* Companies engaged in public merchandising, 
* Agricultural products licensed warehousing companies, 
* Product specialized exchange companies, 
* Independent audit companies,
* Surveillance companies, 
* Technology development zone management companies, 
* Companies subject to Capital Markets Law,
* Free zone founder and operator companies.

You can contact Simply TR to learn the documents required for foreigners to establish a company in Turkey and to get expert support: 0534 627 07 23  

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