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Turkey Visa for Azerbaijan Citizens

Citizens of Azerbaijan who hold ordinary passports are exempt from visa for 30 days. There is a 90-day visa exemption for Azerbaijani citizens who hold Special, Service and Diplomatic passports.  

Azerbaijani citizens with ordinary passports who want to travel to Turkey and plan to stay in Turkey for more than one month should apply in person to the Turkish representations in Azerbaijan. Due to delays in visa procedures, it would be beneficial to make visa applications at least one month before the planned travel date.

However, it should be known that visas issued to foreign citizens, including Azerbaijani citizens, do not provide an absolute right to enter Turkey. The authorities that have the final decision and authority in allowing entry into Turkey are the border authorities. Visa Fee collected for visa applications is not refundable in case the visa application is negative. All visa applicants who want to visit Turkey are required to have a valid health insurance covering the period of their stay in Turkey . 

The length of stay allowed by the visa or visa exemption cannot exceed 90 days per day in every 6 months. The rule that the total stay in Turkey should not exceed 90 days in the last 180 days is valid for all foreign nationals who will travel to Turkey. This rule also applies to citizens of Azerbaijan. In fact, for all kinds of visa applications, a maximum of 90 days resident visa is issued at Turkish foreign representations, and it is possible for foreigners who want to stay in our country for more than 90 days to extend their residence by applying for “Short Term Residence” to the Provincial Directorates of Migration. It is not possible for foreigners with dual passports to stay for 90 days with separate passports in the last 180 days. 

Children under the age of 18 who will come to Turkey for any purpose must have the consent of both their parents during visa applications. For those whose parents are separated or who declare that one of them is not alive, a visa suitable for their purpose of coming to Turkey is given, provided that the document proving that they have custody of the child/children is presented. 

Where Can I Get Turkey Visa for Azerbaijan Citizen?

When answering the question of where can I get a Turkish visa for an Azerbaijani citizen, it is necessary to consider the purpose and duration of the planned travel. Citizens of Azerbaijan are not subject to visa application for touristic trips. Therefore, they have the right to travel without a visa. Ordinary passport holders can stay up to 30 days, and official passport holders can stay up to 90 days uninterrupted. In both cases, their travel must not exceed 90 days out of 180 days. There is no need for a visa to travel to Turkey under these conditions.

Apart from touristic purposes, people who come for work or study cannot travel without a visa. For this reason, they must apply to the foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey for a visa. After entering the country with the visa obtained from the foreign representatives in accordance with the purpose of travel, they can apply for a residence permit if the travel period is outside the validity of the visa. Residence permit applications are made online and can be applied after the foreigner enters the country. After the application, the appointment is defined and the documents are delivered on the appointment day. Applicants whose residence permit request is approved must register their address within twenty-five days.

What Does Turkey E-Visa Application Mean?

The e-visa has replaced the visas that were previously issued with a stamp or stamp at the Turkish border gates. Applicants can make their visas electronically by entering the necessary information on the E-Visa internet address and making the payments by credit card. It is essential that the application is carried out smoothly. After successful completion of the e-visa application, e-visas are sent to the person’s e-mail address. It is obligatory for applicants to print out their e-visas, show them to airlines and customs authorities and keep them until the end of their journey.

Azerbaijan citizens holding ordinary passports are exempt from visa for 30 days during their touristic trips; On the other hand, applications for all kinds of work and education visas can be made electronically, but the applicants must apply in person to the Turkish representations in Azerbaijan. 

Getting an E-Visa for Azerbaijan Citizen

Obtaining an e-visa for an Azerbaijani citizen is not possible for Azerbaijani citizens with visa exemption. E-visa, in other words electronic visas, is a permit issued as an alternative to other visa applications in Turkey and granting foreigners the right to travel. It is a type of visa that is not processed in the passport and can be controlled from the system by the border authorities. Citizens of certain countries can apply. Citizens of countries that are exempt from visa during their touristic trips, such as Azerbaijani citizens, cannot apply for an electronic visa. The right to travel, which the electronic visa grants to foreigners, has been granted to the citizens of Azerbaijan without a visa.

It is extremely important for Azerbaijani citizens to check their visa stay rights while traveling. There is no system that monitors the right to travel. However, this is the traveler’s own responsibility. Citizens of Azerbaijan cannot travel without a visa for more than 90 days within 180 days. If traveling for purposes such as education or work other than touristic trips, it is necessary to apply to foreign representative offices and get a visa suitable for the purpose of travel. Visas obtained from foreign representations are evaluated based on the application, and the granted stay rights vary depending on various situations.

How Long Should the Passport Period Be?

A passport valid for at least 60 days after the expiry of visa, visa exemption or residence permit or a document that replaces a passport is requested from Azerbaijani citizens who come to enter Turkey. Passports must not be older than 10 years. Passport leaves that are torn, rotten, photographed or so light that the texts cannot be read will not be processed.

How Long Can Azerbaijan Citizens Stay in Turkey?

Citizens of Azerbaijan do not need a Turkish visa for touristic trips. A visa is required if the purpose of travel is for various reasons such as education, internship, medical treatment, investment or scientific research. Visa-free travel is only valid for touristic visits. Persons traveling without a visa must have a public or official passport. Ordinary passport holders have the right to travel for up to 30 days, and official passport holders have the right to travel for up to 90 days. In both cases, Azerbaijani citizens have the right to travel for 90 days within 180 days.

Situations such as scientific research, study or archaeological excavation require special permits. For this reason, the foreigner must enter Turkey with a visa suitable for his purpose and, if necessary, request a residence permit. In visa-free touristic travels, the person must check the right to stay. It is illegal to stay in Turkey for periods exceeding residence permit, visa validity or visa exemption, and fines are applied to foreigners who are detected in line with legal requirements. Apart from this, another point to be considered is that the passport should be valid for at least 6 more months as of the date of travel.

How Long Can Azerbaijan Citizens Stay With Turkey Visa?

The right to stay in Turkey visa of Azerbaijani citizens is evaluated according to the application and varies depending on various situations. Visas obtained from foreign embassies are evaluated separately for each application. Persons who will travel to Turkey for purposes such as education or work other than touristic travels should apply for a visa from foreign representative offices. Azerbaijani citizens do not need a visa for their touristic trips.

They have the right to stay up to 90 days within 180 days for their visa-free travels. Only ordinary passport holders of Azerbaijani citizens should not exceed 30 consecutive days of travel. The system does not control the right to stay. For this reason, it is the foreigner’s own obligation to make visits that do not exceed the right of stay and to follow up. In case of detection of persons staying in Turkey with visa exemption or visa validity periods, fines are imposed on legal grounds.

Apart from all these, if the foreigner who enters Turkey with a visa suitable for its purpose is required to reside in Turkey other than the right of stay for Azerbaijani citizens , he/ she must apply for a residence permit. Applications for a residence permit can be made following the foreigner’s entry into the country. Applications are made online and then completed by submitting the required documents at the appointment.

How to Get a Turkey Tourist Visa?

Citizens of Azerbaijan are exempt from Turkey visa for touristic trips of 30 days. Visa is required for touristic visits over 30 days. However, the duration of such visas issued by the foreign representatives of Turkey cannot exceed 90 days.  

In case of submitting an invitation letter in the tourist visa applications received, the letter must contain the information of the inviting person, TR ID number, identity, guest name, residence address, contact number, duration and purpose of stay, and whether there is a kinship relationship with the applicant. If the inviting party is an institution, tax information is requested. In addition, the inviter is required to declare in the said invitation letter that the invitee will bear the responsibility of providing food and accommodation at his own expense. The applicant is required to have sufficient or regular facilities. 

What is the Turkey Visa Fee for Azerbaijan Citizens?

Azerbaijan citizens do not have Turkey visa fee for touristic trips. Citizens of Azerbaijan can travel to Turkey without a visa. Therefore, there is no need to pay any visa fees. However, if they are going to come to the country other than touristic trips, they must enter with a visa suitable for their purpose. Situations such as work or scientific research require special permits and visa-free entries cannot be used for such purposes.

For visa-free entry;

  1. The purpose of the trip must be touristic.
  2. The trip must not exceed 90 days out of 180 days.
  3. Although some countries can enter with their ID cards, Azerbaijani citizens must have ordinary or official passports to travel to Turkey.
  4. Ordinary passport holders should not stay for more than 30 consecutive days, and Azerbaijani citizens with official passports should not stay longer than 90 days.
  5. Passport must not be older than 10 years.
  6. The passport must be valid for at least 6 more months from the date of travel.
  7. You should not travel with worn, torn, punctured or damaged travel documents, and these travel documents must be renewed.

How to Get a Turkey Work Visa?

Azerbaijani citizens are required to submit their Work Permit applications to the Turkish representations in Azerbaijan in order to be able to work in Turkey. In parallel with the aforementioned applications of Azerbaijani citizens, the officials of the Turkish companies they will work for should simultaneously apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Turkey. 

Work permit applications are concluded positively or negatively by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Work Permits also replace residence permits. For this reason, Turkish representations collect Entry Visa Fee, Work Permit Fee and Residence Fee from the Azerbaijani citizen whose work permit has been approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Since the Work Permit Card replaces the residence permit in Turkey, the “Work Annotated Visa” issued by the Turkish foreign representatives is for entry into our country and is given for a maximum of 90 days. 

Turkey Internship Visa / Work Permit Exemptions 

As a principle, the applicant must obtain a work permit from the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security for any special internship desired to be carried out in Turkey.

However, applicants who meet the following conditions are not required to obtain a work permit. 

  1. Those exempted from work permits through bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, 
  2. Foreigners who have permanent residence abroad and will come to Turkey temporarily for less than 30 days for scientific, cultural and artistic activities and for less than 120 days for sports activities, 
  3. In order to provide training on the installation, maintenance and repair, use of machinery and equipment imported to Turkey, or to take delivery of the equipment or to repair the vehicles that have broken down in Turkey; Those who come to Turkey on condition that they do not exceed three months in total within one year from the date of entry and that they can prove this with the documents to be submitted, 
  4. Those who are in Turkey for the purpose of receiving training on the use of goods and services exported from or imported to Turkey, provided that they do not exceed 3 months in total within 1 year from the date of entry to Turkey and that this situation is proven with the documents to be submitted, 
  5. Those who are present in fairs and circuses that will operate outside the borders of certified tourism enterprises, provided that they do not exceed 6 months from the date of entry to Turkey as a show or similar officer and that they prove this situation with the documents to be submitted, 
  6. Foreigners who come to universities and public institutions and organizations to increase their knowledge and experience, not exceeding 2 years and limited to the education period, by proving their status with documents to be submitted, 
  7. Those who are notified by the relevant authorities that they can provide services and contributions to Turkey in socio-cultural and technical fields and education in a period not exceeding 6 months, 
  8. Foreigners arriving within the framework of the programs carried out by the National Agency, 
  9. Foreigners who will do internship within the scope of international intern student programs, 
  10. Tour operator representative foreigners who come to Turkey with a working period of not more than 8 months, 
  11. Foreign football players, other athletes and coaches whose requests are approved by the Football Federation or the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, 
  12. Foreign seafarers who have obtained a “Certificate of Conformity” from the relevant authority, registered in the Turkish International Ship Registry and working on ships operating outside the cabotage line, 
  13. Foreign experts working in projects carried out within the scope of Turkey EU Financial Cooperation Programs. 

The residence permits of these foreigners who came to our country within the scope of Article 55 are given by the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management under the name of “Short Term Residence Permit”.

Exemption periods are not extended. Within this framework, foreigners can benefit from exemption provisions only once in a calendar year. However, in order to benefit from this right, it is required that 3 months have passed from the expiry date of the residence permit, which the foreigner previously received for the same purpose. In case of working longer than the exemption periods, it is obligatory for the foreigner to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 


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