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                          As a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine as of January 24, 2022, it is still
For the citizens of Ukraine who are in Turkey but cannot return to their country, some steps are taken by the Ministries
It has been stated that the need for disposal has occurred, and it has not been possible to return to Ukraine due to the current situation
As of February 24, 2022, Ukrainian citizens have violated a visa when leaving our country
determined, exceptionally, for a temporary period, non-punishment (negative) and restriction
It has been reported that it would be appropriate not to put it (negative) on it.
                       As it is known, citizens of Ukraine within the scope of visa exemption with a passport up to 90 days across the entire border
can enter the country through the doors of the country, and due to the latest developments in Ukraine, Ukraine
interest in possible visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit violations by its citizens

                                      In this context, 
                 Foreigners of Ukrainian nationality who violate visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit,
When they come to our border gates to leave our country, they are about to leave from 24.02.2022
Article 8 of the said Circular, titled Exceptional Provisions, for a temporary period, to be valid
within the scope of the “C” restriction code, non-implementation of the entry ban and the fee arising from the violation and related
I would like to request and provide information and necessary action regarding the non-accrual of fines.




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