Schengen Visa is in Danger! Scandalous Citizenship Sale Operation in Turkey Created Visa Problem!

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Schengen Visa in Danger! Scandalous Citizenship Sale Operation in Turkey […]

Schengen Visa in Danger! Scandalous Citizenship Sale Operation in Turkey Created Visa Problem!


European Union (EU) ), while struggling with the implementation of citizenship for investment to foreigners, Turkey, on the contrary, expands the scope with illogical practices.

Turkey’s foreigners The distribution of citizenship in a way that almost turned into a promotion brought the Schengen applications of the citizens to the danger limit.


About a month ago While the regulation on increasing the value of the real estate that needs to be purchased in order to apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship, from 250 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars, was published in the Official Gazette the previous day, even joining the Private Pension System was deemed sufficient for citizenship.


While it is known that Turkey has been making efforts to ban the citizenship-for-investment practice known as the “golden passport” in member countries for a long time, this practice in Turkey also created fear.


Malta within the EU, Until recently, there was a citizenship-for-investment practice in the Greek Cypriot Administration of Cyprus and Bulgaria, which stopped the practice in November 2020 and Bulgaria ended the 9-year period in February due to the suggestions from the EU.


By the way, EU Commission It is known that Malta is the only EU member that continues the practice, despite the fact that Turkey wants it to be officially banned in 2020 with the claim that “European citizenship should not be for sale”.


But in Malta Obtaining citizenship is not just “money” like in Turkey. A foreigner who buys real estate worth at least 750 thousand Euros for citizenship must also stay in the country for 12 months and have no criminal record in order to apply for citizenship.


Citizenship in exchange for the purchase of real estate Montenegro is the only country other than Turkey, which is a candidate for EU membership. It grants the right to apply for citizenship to foreigners who invest in a state-approved real estate project worth at least 450 thousand Euros in the coastal region and 250 thousand Euros in the north of the country, and also donates 100 thousand Euros to the state.


And here too, investment A quota of up to 2,000 people has been set in the citizenship program in return for a return.


quota in Turkey not even…


So currently Turkey


So this is, It strengthens the possibility that there is a problem for the EU, which advocates the abolition of citizenship for investment, and therefore, the possibility of visa-free travel to the EU, which is now completely a “dream” for Turkish citizens, and that the Schengen visa is also a “dream” in the Republic of Turkey passport, which is distributed “for money”. .

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