General Information

After the war between Ukraine and Russia, people visiting Turkey from Ukraine are granted a residence permit in Turkey. Citizens of Ukraine should apply for a residence permit to the immigration office in their province. Applications are made online at All applications are expected to be accepted, regardless of the first or the extension.

It is obligatory to obtain a residence permit for Ukraine citizens who will stay in Turkey for more than ninety days or the period granted by the visa or visa exemption.

Ukraine citizens who will apply for a residence permit are required to have a passport or a document that replaces a passport with a validity of sixty days longer than the residence permit period they request.

It is essential that applications from within Turkey are made before the expiry of the visa period of the Ukraine citizen or the visa exemption.

Residence permit applications are finalized within ninety days at the latest.

Residence permits are issued separately for each foreigner in accordance with the purpose of stay.

Residence permit documents are sent to applicants residence addresses.

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Required Documents

Here is the list of required documents.

  • Residence Permit Application Form (It must be signed by the foreigner and/or his legal representative.)
  • Photocopy of the passport or the document that replaces the passport (The page with the identity information and the photo, as well as the processed pages showing the entry-exit and visa information) (The original of the document should be with you on the appointment day.)
  • Four (4) biometric photographs
  • Statement of having sufficient and regular financial means during the stay (It is declared in the Application Form. The administration may request supporting documents from the applicant.)
  • Documents/receipts showing that the residence fee and card fee has been paid
  • Valid health insurance
  • Document showing that it is registered in the Address Registration System
  • Document Indicating the Place of Accommodation (One of the following is considered sufficient):
  • Deed copy,
  • Notarized copy of your rental agreement, hotel etc. if you are staying in accommodation, documents proving your stay in these places,
  • If you are staying in student dormitories, an e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped document stating that you are staying in the dormitory,
  • If you are staying with a third person, notarized commitment of the person staying with you (if the person staying with you is married, also notarized commitment of the spouse)

Expenses for Residency

Residence Permit Fee:

The residence permit fee is $80 per year for Ukraine citizens.

Residence Card Fee:

You must pay an administration fee for your residence card. This fee is 160.00 TL for 2022.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for under 65s. Private health insurance prices for residence permit

Age 1 year 2 years Total
0-15 ₺2.080 ₺3.120 ₺5.200
16-25 ₺1.170 ₺1.755 ₺2.925
26-35 ₺1.250 ₺1.870 ₺3.120
36-40 ₺1.800 ₺2.700 ₺4.500
41-45 ₺1.800 ₺2.700 ₺4.500
46-50 ₺2.100 ₺3.150 ₺5.250
51-55 ₺2.132 ₺3.197 ₺5.329
56-60 ₺2.625 ₺3.940 ₺6.565
61-65 ₺2.850 ₺4.275 ₺7.125
66-70 ₺5.640 ₺8.460 ₺14.100

Residence Permit Fee for Children

Residence permit fees for children are half that of adults.

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