12 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Home in Turkey

Discover why many are choosing to buy a home in Turkey. Dive into the culture, economy, and attractions that make Turkey a real estate paradise.

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Why Buy a Home in Turkey? The Top Reasons Explained

Considering to buy a home in Turkey? You’re not alone. Over the years, Turkey has emerged as a prime real estate destination. Whether it’s the mesmerizing landscapes, the rich history, or the booming economy, there are ample reasons to invest in Turkish property. Here are 12 reasons that make the decision to buy a home in Turkey a splendid one:

1. Amazing Weather – Four Seasons at a Time

For those looking to buy a home in Turkey, the diverse climate is often a big draw. Turkey’s diverse topography and vast expanse have bestowed upon it a unique climatic palette. Often celebrated as ‘the land of four seasons’, Turkey seamlessly transitions from one climate to another, offering residents and visitors an ever-changing backdrop against which to enjoy the country. From the golden beaches warmed by the Mediterranean sun to the snow-capped peaks of the Eastern Anatolian region, there’s a season in Turkey that caters to every preference. The warm Aegean coastline is a haven for those seeking sunny retreats, while the mountainous terrains in regions like Erzurum become winter wonderlands, attracting ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

2. Beautifully Geo – Located for Easy Travel

Turkey’s strategic geographical position, straddling Asia, Africa, and Europe, has historically made it a nexus of civilizations, and in today’s globalized world, a hub for international travel. Its location not only interlinks diverse cultures but also facilitates easier and quicker travel routes, connecting the East to the West. Whether you’re flying into the modern metropolis of Istanbul, hoping to catch a quick flight to Europe or Asia, or driving through the ancient Silk Road, Turkey’s prime location ensures that every journey is convenient and scenic. The world seems a bit smaller, a bit more connected, when you’re in Turkey.

3. Vibrant and Tolerant Culture

Diversity is at the heart of Turkey. Predominantly Islamic, Turkey also respects and allows minority religions like Christianity and Judaism. The land that gave birth to Rumi, who once said:

“Come, come whoever you are… Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, yet again, come, come.”

Turkey’s rich tapestry of history and culture has woven together countless traditions, stories, and beliefs. While it stands predominantly Islamic, the echoes of its Byzantine and Ottoman past resonate profoundly, allowing for a harmonious coexistence of minority religions such as Christianity and Judaism. Historic churches and synagogues stand proudly next to mosques, bearing testament to centuries of religious and cultural tolerance. Rumi, the 13th-century poet and mystic, exemplifies this spirit of acceptance and love in his works. His famous quote beckons all, irrespective of their origins or beliefs, to find solace and unity in the collective human experience. This sentiment perfectly encapsulates Turkey’s open arms approach to diversity, urging all to partake in its vibrant and tolerant culture.

4. Rich and Diverse Cuisine

Turkey’s cuisine is a sumptuous fusion that tells tales of its rich history and diverse influences. At its heart lies the concept of ‘Meyhane’ – where meals aren’t just about the food but about the experience, conversations, and tradition.

Döner Kebap, the rotating roast that has now found its way to many corners of the world, is just the tip of the culinary iceberg. Venture deeper, and you’ll find dishes like Manti – tiny dumplings topped with yogurt and spices, or İskender Kebap – slices of lamb drenched in tomato sauce and melted butter. Desserts like Baklava, layered pastries filled with nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, have been the pride of Turkish confectioners for centuries.

No meal in Turkey is complete without a cup of its world-famous Turkish coffee, thick, rich, and aromatic. And the rise of celebrity chefs like Nusret, with his iconic salt-sprinkling gesture, and CZN Burak, with his massive, hearty meals, showcase Turkey’s dynamic culinary scene to the global audience. It’s a country where food plays a central role in uniting communities, celebrating milestones, and marking histories.

5. Touristic Attractions

When you think about reasons to buy a home in Turkey, the country’s diverse landscapes and historical gems surely make the list. Turkey is where East meets West, where history greets modernity.

Istanbul, once Constantinople, resonates with history. Its skyline dotted with minarets, like the Blue Mosque, and structures like Hagia Sophia speak of empires and eras past. Move away from the urban centers, and you find nature’s masterpieces like the fairytale chimneys of Cappadocia or the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale.

Then there’s Göbeklitepe, hailed as the world’s oldest temple. Predating Stonehenge by over 6,000 years, this archaeological wonder challenges previous historical assumptions, drawing inquisitive travelers from across the globe. Whether you’re an adventurer, a history buff, or someone looking for aesthetic inspirations, Turkey never disappoints.

6. Friendly People / Hospitality

Turkey’s heart and soul lie in its people. Their warmth, hospitality, and genuine curiosity about visitors set Turkey apart. Historically a confluence of civilizations, Turkey has honed its ethos of embracing the outsider, believing in the age-old adage, “Guests are God’s friends.”

Visit a local’s home, and you’re often greeted with a spread of local delicacies, and more often than not, a steaming cup of çay (tea). Even in bustling marketplaces, shopkeepers are more than willing to share tales, offer insights, or simply check on your day. Their unparalleled generosity and genuine warmth make every interaction memorable, reinforcing the idea that in Turkey, strangers are merely friends you haven’t met yet.

7. Fast Developing Country

In the arena of global development, Turkey stands out prominently. As a strategic member of influential international organizations such as the EU and G-20, the nation has showcased unparalleled growth rates and infrastructural advancements in recent years. This accelerated growth has not only fortified its economic position but has also transformed its cities and provinces, making it an attractive destination for global investors. With the spotlight of international attention focused on it, buying a home in Turkey now translates to investing in a country with a promising future.

8. Safe and Happy Environment for The Family

Safety and tranquility play pivotal roles when considering a place to call home. Turkey, renowned for its hospitable culture, also prides itself on maintaining a low incidence of social violence. Neighbourhoods are built on the principles of community and mutual respect. Urban planning and community programs prioritize public safety, making it an ideal environment for families. For those pondering on the idea of buying a home in Turkey, the promise of a peaceful and nurturing environment for their loved ones is a strong allure.

9. High GDP Per Capita

Economic resilience and growth are at the heart of Turkey’s success story. Boasting a GDP per Capita that overshadows the world average by a commendable 119%, it stands as a testament to the country’s unwavering economic drive. Recognized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as an ’emerging market’, Turkey’s economic prowess is undeniable. For investors and residents alike, this signals stability, prosperity, and myriad opportunities. When considering buying a home in Turkey, such impressive economic indicators offer assurance of a wise investment choice.

10. Strong Legal and Justice System

For those looking to buy a home in Turkey, it’s reassuring to know that the nation stands on a robust legal foundation. The principles of equality, equity, and peace are core to Turkey’s judicial system, ensuring that every legal transaction, especially property purchases, is transparent and secure. Potential homeowners can be confident that their rights and investments are well-protected.

11. Excellent Health System

Healthcare is vital, and when you decide to buy a home in Turkey, you’re also investing in your health. The country boasts a modern health infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies and a pool of qualified professionals. Both public and private sectors consistently offer top-notch medical services, ensuring that residents receive the best care possible.

12. Low Cost of Living

One of the many benefits to those who buy a home in Turkey is the country’s affordable cost of living. The advantageous exchange rate of the Turkish Lira ensures that your daily expenses, from groceries to utilities, remain budget-friendly. This affordability, combined with the enriching cultural and scenic beauty of Turkey, makes it a highly attractive option, especially for retirees and expatriates.

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