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Law No. 2007 on Arts and Services Allocated to Turkish […]

Law No. 2007 on Arts and Services Allocated to Turkish Citizens in Turkey comes first among the legal regulations that prohibit foreigners from performing various professions in Turkey.

There are some professions that foreign nationals cannot work in Turkey. What professions are these?


  • – Dentistry, dentistry, nursing. (According to the Law on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Arts)
  • – Pharmacy (According to the Law on Pharmacists and Pharmacies)
  • – Veterinary Medicine (According to the Law on the Formation of the Veterinary Medical Association and its Chambers and their Jobs)
  • – Responsible director in private hospitals (according to the Private Hospitals Law)
  • – Attorneyship (According to the Attorneyship Law)
  • – Notary Public (According to the Notary Law)
  • – Private security officer (Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services, Art. 10))
  • – Export of fish, oysters, mussels, sponges, pearls, corals, diving, foraging, piloting,      captain, engineering, clerk, crew, etc. (According to the Cabotage Law)
  • – Customs consultancy (as per Article 227 of the Customs Law No. 4458)

“Foreigners of Turkish descent” constitute an exception to the rule of professions that are forbidden to foreigners.

For foreigners of Turkish origin, they have to get a work permit, but they are exempt from the criteria. However, they will be able to freely practice the professions that are prohibited to foreigners. The amendments made regarding the work of foreigners of Turkish origin and the Law No. 4817 and the relevant legislation, It does not contain any provision regarding professions prohibited to foreigners.

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