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Turkey has been among the most preferred countries in the […]

Turkey has been among the most preferred countries in the world in recent years, both in terms of educators and educational success. For foreign students, we will try to help you in this blog post on how to study in open education faculty in Turkey.

The “Foreign Student Examination (YÖS)” conducted by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) for foreign students has been abolished since the 2010-2011 academic year. Students who want to study open education in Turkey must have graduated from high school or equivalent schools in their own country. When they graduate, they must obtain a equivalence certificate from the National Education Directorates of the country they are in. Thus, they can enroll in open education faculties.


There is no Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) condition required for foreign students who want to enroll in the Open Education Faculty. Can enroll directly with a high school diploma. Turkpermit helps you with the registration process.

Students studying at the Open Education Faculty receive their education online. They can take their courses through the system with the username created for them by the school they are registered to.

To register for Open Education: 05346270723

Important information : Studying at the Open Education Faculty does not entitle a foreign national to obtain a student residence permit.< /em>

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