Long-term visa for tourists in Russia

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After the electronic visa application, 6-month visas for tourists in […]

After the electronic visa application, 6-month visas for tourists in Russia are on the agenda… Here are the details…

The steps taken to simplify tourist visa procedures for foreigners in Russia gave hope to tourism professionals for the post-COVID-19 period.

Following the decision on electronic visas to 52 countries, if the bill submitted to the Duma is passed, the visa period will be extended to six months for all tourists.

Russia today only issues six-month tourist visas to citizens of some countries. For the remaining tourists, this period is limited to one month.


Sergey Voytovic, director of the tourism company Svoy TS, said, “If the bill is passed, foreign tourists will have two easy options for obtaining a Russian visa. Electronic visa, fast and cheap. But for a few weeks and places to visit are limited. Ordinary visa is more expensive and takes longer time,” he said.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed the decision at the beginning of October allowing citizens of 52 countries, including Turkey, to enter the country with an e-visa.


Russia expanded the scope of the electronic visa application that it started in 2017. From February 4, 2021, it will be possible to enter the whole of Russia with an e-visa.

With the new regulation, citizens of 52 countries, including Turkey, will be able to obtain electronic visas as of February 4, 2021.


Electronic visa will now cover all of Russia, not certain regions. The length of stay in Russia will also be increased from 8 days to 16 days.

It will be possible to obtain an electronic visa online for touristic, business, health purposes.

The electronic visa, which can be obtained for US$ 40, will be free for children up to the age of 6.

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