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How to buy a property in Turkey?

Turkey has been a dream of many foreigners over the years, with its remarkable history, culture, nature, and climate. Recently, foreigners have been showing interest in the growing real estate market of Turkey. In this manner, Turkey offers the best investment areas, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Bodrum, and Trabzon. How to buy an apartment in Turkey is the question of many people interested in having a house here.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?

The Turkish government allows foreigners to buy an apartment without any problems. Over the years, foreigners from the USA, UK, European countries, China, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Russia, and Saudi Arabia invested in properties in Turkey due to the various benefits, for example, if you purchase an apartment worth at least $250,000 you can get Turkish citizenship. The other option includes investing in more than one real estate for a total of $250,000.

Progress in the health sector, transportation, economy, and entertainment have affected the real estate sector. In this manner, real estate values have gone up and become very profitable as everyone wants to settle in this beautiful country for the facilities and opportunities turkey has to offer.

Buying property for sale in Turkey for foreigners is more accessible than ever. Still, it could be scary for you to enter a market or a country where you have a limited amount of knowledge. To help you, as Bari Global, we decided to put all the summarized details in this article to help you in your way to investing in a property in Turkey.

How to Buy an Apartment in Turkey: Finding the Apartment You’re Looking For

Turkey, being the 37th largest country, has thousands of destinations while investing in a property. Foreign property buyers tend to purchase them in bigger cities located in the west. Most property sales happen in Istanbul, on the Aegean region and Mediterranean coasts.

The first thing to list down before buying a property is your budget, the apartment that suits you best, and the city you prefer.

Therefore, before you ask how to buy an apartment in Turkey, you should ask where to buy an apartment in Turkey. For example, if you want to enjoy the vibrant city life, you can choose an apartment in Istanbul. If you want a life away from the daily hustle-bustle of city life, you can choose an apartment in Bursa and Bodrum.


Istanbul is a dynamic city with pretty neighborhoods where you never get bored if you plan to buy an apartment here. With its combination of culture and history, it serves as a link between Asia and Europe. It is home to 15 million residents, being the 20th most visited city in the world.

Investing in Istanbul properties is the best way for investors to enjoy the city life with beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a low cost of living.

Istanbul offers investors newly built luxury houses, apartments, sea views, and forest view villas at a reasonable price allowing investors high investment returns, making the property market in Istanbul very appealing to foreign buyers. One of the most important reasons for investors is the high return on investment.


After Istanbul, Antalya is the second most visited city in Turkey. Antalya has beautiful coastal resorts and beaches. The city attracts buyers from all over the world with good investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

Buying property in Antalya means that you invest in one of the most vibrant destinations, a center of hospitality, world-class hotels, and a variety of dining options with an active nightlife.

Shopping centers in Antalya are among the best malls in Turkey. They include local and international brands in various shopping malls and weekly markets. Antalya has the two best beaches in Turkey, Konyalti and Lara beaches.


Bursa is the favorite northern destination for Middle Eastern buyers to invest in property because of the similarity in culture. The attractive places are located there, such as Uludag Mountain, Ulu Mosque, Green Mosque, and much more. Bursa offers affordable property prices, long-term rental potential, and short-term holiday rentals.

Properties in the Bursa are constructed with the latest technologies and designs. Bursa has started developing and maintaining its infrastructure in recent years with its projects regarding transport, education, shopping, health care housing, and social amenities for a better and easier living.


Bodrum attracts many foreigners looking to invest in holiday homes for its beautiful architecture, transportation system, coastal resorts, tourist attractions, and activities with its sparkling nightlife.

It is the most invested city by foreigners because there is no language barrier as the locals speak various languages, mainly English.

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