How Foreigners Get Hes Code?

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Foreigners can get HEPP CODE with the application they can […]

Foreigners can get HEPP CODE with the application they can download to their mobile phones. It is necessary to have a foreign identity number starting with 99.

With the HEPP Code application, which will be used in intercity travels, workplaces and all public places requiring individual communication, the safety of citizens in controlled social life will be ensured at the highest level.

It will be possible to travel with the code to be obtained through the mobile application. Then if he infects a passenger, it will be easy to track down. There will be a special code for everyone. The widespread use of HES code will make our lives easier in the coming days.


Hayat Eve Sığar Mobile Application, T.C. By the Ministry of Health, our citizens were informed about the New Coronavirus (Covid- 19) is a mobile application developed to inform and guide, to minimize the risks related to the epidemic disease and to prevent its spread.

T.C. With the  Hayat Eve Sığar application  By verifying with your phone number, you can answer the questions asked step by step, and you can get guidance according to how you should behave by being evaluated according to the complaints you have given in terms of coronavirus disease. According to the answers you have given, the guidance is only a suggestion and does not contain a final result/certainty, it is a recommendation.
At the same time, you can easily reach basic need points such as hospitals, pharmacies, market chains, subways and stops on the map, and you can see the density of home isolation, infected people and risky areas.

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