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“Address notification” is the person’s notification of his/her residential address and, if any, other address to be recorded by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

Address Notice to Vacant Residence

In this type of notification, your statement is considered sufficient, no document is requested. That’s the general rule. However, if there are special circumstances related to the residence/building at the address, such as the address subject to the notification is defined as “construction” in the system, the population directorates may request information and documents.

•Address Notice for Cohabitation (Consent)

In this type of notification, the person who will notify the address and an adult person already registered at the address must apply together or separately.

•Address Notice to the Registered Address (Full Residence)

In this type of notification, the person’s notification is not considered sufficient and documents confirming the notification are requested. Subscription contract or invoice notification of one of the subscriptions allocated to the address such as electricity, water, natural gas, fixed telephone, fixed internet are the confirming documents. When necessary, documents signed by the owner of the detached house, the site or apartment management, the housing manager or the headman may also be requested.

For detailed information on these issues, please review the explanations under the following headings:

   •“How to Notify a Vacant Residence?”

   •“How to Notify an Address on the Ground of Living Together (Consent)”

   •“How to Notify the Resident to the Address with the Record (Full Residence)?”








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