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For foreigners living in Istanbul to travel within the city […]

For foreigners living in Istanbul to travel within the city by using public transport, it is necessary to obtain an akbil (istanbul card) . So where can foreigners get their Istanbul card? You can learn detailed information about istanbul card in this blog post.

All foreigners who are legal in Turkey and have an ID number either from kiosks selling istanbul cards, or from istanbul’ They can obtain Istanbul cards from Istanbul card filling machines located in various regions of the city.

COVID-19 virus, which has affected the whole world, has caused some precautions to be taken in Turkey as well. One of these measures is the  HEPP code. Everyone who wants to use Istanbulkart has to define the HES code on the Istanbulkart they are using. 

Student residence permit Foreigners who are can travel on public transport at a discount by applying online or by applying from IstanbulKart application centers with their student documents. < /strong>


As of January 15, those who do not match the HEPP code to their IstanbulKart in Istanbul will not be able to use the transportation. If you have HES code, https: // You can match the HES code to your IstanbulKart by clicking on the website and filling in the information. Currently, foreigners can only match their foreigner identification number with the HEPP code to IstanbulKart. 

How to  Generate Hes Code  to find out by clicking.

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