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How foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Turkey will follow in the change of address, which is an important issue they are curious about. As Simply TR, let us briefly inform you about how the address will change, where to apply.

First of all, let me tell you that the RESIDENTIAL DOCUMENT requested by the immigration administration or a different institution is the document that officially states your residence address. You can get this document from the Population Directorate of your county. Or foreigners with e-government can download directly from the e-government application.


Foreigners keep their address and contact information in their files when they go to the immigration office with their appointment documents. If you have changed your address after your residence permit has been approved and your card has been received, you have to notify the directorate of immigration administration in the city where you live.

Likewise, foreigners who have obtained a residence or work permit from the consulates must register in the address registration system by applying to the Population Directorate within twenty working days at the latest, from the date of entry to the country, and foreigners who have obtained a residence or work permit from within the country, from the date these permits are delivered to them.&nbsp ;

On the other hand, foreigners who have moved their residence to an address in a city different from the city where they obtained a residence permit must apply for a new residence permit within 20 working days at the latest in order to reside in the city they moved to. In this process, if the type of residence permit does not change, a new residence permit document is issued, but the fee for which the fee has been paid is not subject to repayment.

If the foreign national does not apply within the specified time, their identity can be revoked. It is necessary to be careful about this. Yes, let’s see where to start when changing the address;

> passport

> residence permit

> lease agreement

With the above documents, you go to the population directorate of your district and register yourself to your new address and get your new address residence certificate. And then you go to the immigration directorate in your province and submit your document with a petition. It’s actually that simple. Stay Healthy..

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