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Foreign citizens who want to study at a university in […]

Foreign citizens who want to study at a university in Turkey or who want to study Turkish language can apply to which language centers. Where can he study, which courses can he enroll in? In this blog post, we will inform you about this issue.

Did you know that more than 250 million people in the world speak Turkish? Millions of tourists come to our country every year for work, vacation and marriage. Millions of people from different countries, from different cultures and from different lives meet at a common point; common language, Turkish.

To complete 6 levels in total, including A1 beginner level, A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2, within the framework of the Common European Language Program in language course programs. In addition, some universities also offer language courses. During university registration, there must be a document showing at least B1 level grammar. As Simply TR, we guide you to the courses where you can get a Tömer certificate and help you with your university enrollment.

Most of the universities in Turkey provide language education to their foreign students within their own structure. In addition, you can receive training from language courses or private language centers.

Students who receive a student acceptance certificate apply for a student visa to the Turkish Consulate in their country.

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