Deportation and Entry Ban in Turkey in 2024

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Learn about the process of deportation and entry ban in Turkey, and how foreigners who have been deported can return through a lawsuit or obtaining a valid visa.

Deportation is the act of expelling foreigners from Turkey due to their failure to comply with the laws. It also includes a ban on entry to the country for a certain period of time. The reasons for deportation are mainly related to threats to public safety, public health, or the country’s public order.

Reasons for Deportation in Turkey:

The General Directorate of Migration Management may decide to impose an entry ban on individuals who pose a threat to Turkey’s public safety, public health, or public order.

The decision to ban the entry of foreign nationals who have been deported from Turkey is within the authority of the General Directorate of Migration Management and the governorates.

How Can a Deported Foreigner Return to Turkey?

The entry ban period for deportation is a maximum of five years, but it can be extended up to 10 years for those who pose a threat to public safety.

The length of the deportation period for foreigners varies depending on the duration of their unlawful stay in Turkey.

Foreigners involved in criminal activities or carrying infectious diseases are banned from entering Turkey for life.

There are two ways to lift a deportation order:

  1. Through a lawsuit
  2. Obtaining a valid visa

Through a lawsuit

The foreigner is informed of the reasons for the deportation decision and has 15 days to appeal to the administrative court. If the appeal is not made within 15 days, this right cannot be exercised again. If the court cancels the deportation decision, the foreigner cannot be deported, but if the court decision is unfavorable, the deportation order is implemented. However, foreigners who are deemed to be connected to terrorism or who threaten public safety and health may be deported even during the court process.


Obtaining a valid visa

The second answer to how a deported foreigner can return to Turkey is through obtaining a valid visa. If the foreigner can prove that they need to enter Turkey for marriage, medical treatment, work, or education, they can apply for a valid visa and enter the country before the entry ban period expires.

The deportation decision is made by the migration management directorates in the provinces and districts and the evaluation and decision process takes 48 hours. Deported foreigners can be sent back to their home countries, countries they are in transit to, or third countries.


In conclusion, being deported from Turkey can have serious consequences, including a ban on re-entry to the country. However, there are ways for deported individuals to return to Turkey, such as waiting for the entry ban period to expire or applying for a legitimate visa. It is important to seek legal assistance from experienced professionals in order to navigate the complex legal processes involved in deportation and re-entry.

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