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Simply TR understands the difficulties of purchasing property in another country. We understand the challenges of relocating to a new city. Our aim to assist clients in meeting these issues led to the creation of our dedicated Concierge Service, which streamlines the buying, moving, and property maintenance processes.

During the purchase process

Our specialists will walk you through the entire buying process from beginning to end, handling all documentation such as TAPU (title deed) transfer, bank account creation, tax number acquisition, and dealing with your lawyer. We’ll be available to answer any inquiries or address any concerns you may have.

After-sales service

With our after-sales service, we’ll make the transfer to your new home as easy as possible. This includes overseeing any remaining work on your property, resolving issues, and coordinating with utilities to get water, electricity, internet, and phone connections set up. If you need to outfit your home or obtain white goods, you can always count on us to direct you to the most cost-effective yet high-quality providers. We have shop discounts for most of Turkey’s well-known brands, which our customers always take advantage of. In summary, Simply TR will provide you with the best service possible.

  • Getting settled in your new home
  • Decorating and furnishing your new home
  • Management of real estate
  • Management of rental properties
  • Providing answers for such unforeseen issues as they emerge

Turkish Citizenship

If your purchase exceeds $250,000, you can seek for Turkish citizenship through investment. We’ll walk you through the process of gathering all of the papers you’ll need to get your Turkish passport for you and your family. Our in-house attorneys are available to assist you at any time.

Management of real estate

If you’re renting your property, we’ll select trustworthy tenants and conduct all necessary background checks to guarantee your property is in good hands. We’ll serve as a point of contact for your tenants, handling maintenance and rental payments while keeping you updated on a regular basis.

Taking a trip to Turkey

Our knowledgeable experts will ship your belongings and pets, secure residency permits for you and your family, and locate schools for your children. Once you’ve arrived, we’ll assist you with whatever needs you have on the ground, such as acquiring furnishings, purchasing a car, and learning about the local amenities.

Management of investments

We’ll make sure your rental property pays off. Our portfolio managers will keep you informed about economic developments, manage your rental revenue, alert you to good prospects, and help you plan an exit strategy if you decide to sell.

Our charges

We customize our services to meet your needs. To learn more about our fees, please contact us with your exact requirements.

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