Bringing a phone to Turkey from abroad

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Importing a phone to Turkey from abroad may not be as attractive due to increasing registration fees in 2023. Get the details on the process and costs here.

Importing a phone to Turkey from abroad is becoming less attractive. Now people wonder how registration fees will increase in 2023.

Especially for smart phones such as Apple, which are sold at high prices in Turkey, purchasing from different countries is on the agenda of citizens. The passport registration, also known as “phone activation fee” among the people, is determined through various fee tariffs each year.

According to information disclosed by the BTK, phones imported from abroad can be used without registration for 120 days. If the device is not registered through the passport within 120 days, it will be shut down for communication.

The passport registration of the phone through its IMEI number can be provided after the payment of the foreign phone registration fee as a tariff.

How much will the Phone (IMEI) registration fee be?

According to this information, the use permit fee for a foreign phone, called the “IMEI registration fee”, which regularly increases every year, will increase from TL 6.090 to TL 20.000 in the second part of the year of 2023.

Registration fees apply to foreign residents in Turkey as well

Foreign residents living in Turkey also need to pay registration fees for phones imported from abroad. This applies to all individuals, regardless of their nationality or length of stay in the country. It is important to note that the registration process and fees are the same for both Turkish citizens and foreign residents. Make sure to budget for these costs when considering the purchase of a foreign-imported phone in Turkey.

What should be considered before the registration process?

It is necessary that the document used for entry into the country has not been used in any device registration within the last 3 years, that this situation is checked through the e-Government system (, that the tariff fee is paid (TL 2732 for 2022), and that the registration process is completed. In addition, it is necessary that the 120-day period that reduces the right, calculated from the date of entry into Turkey, has not passed.

How can I obtain the registration process?

Individuals with a Turkish ID number or foreign ID number, who are permitted to register through the e-Government system, can complete the registration process by logging into the e-Government gateway ( and search the term ‘IMEI Register’. Then you can fill the necessary information. Individuals who are not allowed to make transactions through the e-Government gateway can apply to the Subscriber Registration Centers of the following operators:

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