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  • OPassport (Mandatory)

A valid passport with at least 8 months validity and its photocopy (Mandatory)

  • Copies of Passports (Mandatory)

Copies of passports (copies of pages 1,3,5,9 and 32 of the domestic passport, sample of the main page of the foreign passport (Mandatory)

  • Proof of residence (Mandatory)

For foreign citizens, valid residence document from the date of entry to Turkey (Mandatory)

  • Biometric photo (Required)

2 biometric photos 5×6 (white background, must be taken within a maximum of 6 months)(Required)

  • Travel and Health Insurance (Mandatory)

Travel and Health insurance valid for Turkey / COVID-19 Coverage (Mandatory)

  • Flight Reservation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Document Supporting His Return

Document supporting the return (Deed, workplace permit, salary slip, bank receipt, etc.)

  • Document showing the applicant’s financial situation or the income status of the inviting person
  • Documents Showing Business and Financial Status(Mandatory)

Documents showing the business and financial status of the sponsor in cases where the applicant is not working (Mandatory)

  • If the applicant is under the age of 18, notarized consent from both parents (even in case of divorce, both parents must give notarized consent) (Mandatory)
  • Certificate of Residence

If you have resided in Turkey before, proof of residence, if any

  • Visa fee and Gateway service fees (Mandatory)


Important Note

All submitted documents must be up-to-date and complete. Incomplete documents submitted for the Turkish visa application may cause the application to be rejected. Turkey’s Ashgabat Representation has the right to request additional documents when it deems necessary. Submission of the above documents does not guarantee that the visa will be issued. All forms and documents must be prepared and submitted individually for each person (including family members or any group).

I understand that the acceptance, duration, conditions or rejection of the application or the time taken for the application to be processed and the visa issuance are at the discretion of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and its decisions on this matter will be final. Visa fees and/or service fees will not be refunded in case of delay in the application process or rejection of the visa application. 

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