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To obtain Turkish citizenship, our lawyers are able to process your real estate purchases. We buy, rent, and sell residential and commercial properties in Turkey to both domestic and foreign clients as part of our investment for Turkish citizenship practice. Our Turkish real estate attorneys also represent our customers in the purchase of real estate; we draft real estate sale contracts or modify those that developers have already written. From the time a customer applies for Turkish citizenship until they receive their passport, we represent them.

Our Turkish Citizenship Lawyers offer investment-based Turkish citizenship solutions. We have more over 100 passports and a great deal of knowledge with Turkish immigration legislation. We know how to complete the necessary documentation in each nation because we have successfully represented clients from Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, Macao, China and Algeria.

For making an investment and obtaining a conformity certificate for the investment necessary to apply for Turkish citizenship, our Turkish Citizenship Lawyers provide legal services. We will submit a residency application for the primary candidate after the investment phase is over. The main applicant, as well as the applicant’s spouse and children, will then have their Turkish citizenship files prepared.

The acceptance of a citizenship application typically takes 3–4 months.So far, there have been no refusals. In 85 days, we had our last application accepted. You don’t even need to travel to Turkey once your application has been approved; you may just apply for a Turkish ID card, passport, and have your fingerprints taken at the Turkish Embassy in your country.

But if you’d prefer to do it in person in Istanbul, one of our English-speaking Turkish lawyers will assist you in getting your fingerprints taken and submitting an application for a Turkish ID card and passport. The postal address for our office will get the Turkish passport and ID card.

Acquisition of Property for Turkish Citizenship

To apply for citizenship, you can buy a property with the help of our Turkish citizenship attorneys. Regarding the sale or acquisition of real estate in Turkey, we offer preparation, legal advice, and representation. Our attorneys for Turkish Citizenship Law are prepared to apply for citizenship through real estate investment.

To buy or sell an off-plan or used home or apartment in Turkey, a purchase and sale agreement will be drafted by an English-speaking lawyer. Our attorney will inform you of any possible problems, suggest particular adjustments that might be advantageous to you, and debate or negotiate any issues and changes with the other party. Finally, our lawyer will go with you to the Title Deed Office to complete the transaction.

There is currently a high demand for Turkish citizenship via the USD 400,000 property investment law. Our attorneys will assist you from the time you purchase real estate until you obtain Turkish citizenship.

Our Services for Turkish Citizenship

Our real estate purchase services include the following:

  • Client concerns and issues should be discussed.
  • Create or revise the offer and purchase contract.
  • The offer or contract should be discussed or negotiated with the Developer or the Developer’s lawyer.
  • If necessary, prepare up to two sets of revisions or responses to counteroffers.
  • Examine the information supplied by the developer (if the property is off-plan).
  • Check to see if the house is free of charge and/or rented (if the property is a second-hand home).
  • Check to see if your Real Estate Tax payments are in good statement.
  • Check with the local municipality to see if the Developer has all of the necessary licenses.
  • Bring someone with you to the Title Deed Office to sign the purchase and sale deed.
  • In the Cadastral office, change the property title.
  • Client stamp duty tax is processed on your behalf.
  • Our Turkish Citizenship Application Will Include the Following Items:
  • Prepare documents for the Client, his wife, and their children’s residency applications.
  • Prepare documents for Client, his wife, and their children’s citizenship applications.
  • Follow up on the application until the Turkish passports are issued.
  • Applying for a Turkish Tax Identification Number.
  • Help with opening a bank account in Turkey.

Services for Property Management:

We can provide the following services for an additional fee after we have completed your property purchase;

  • Registration of your property with the local municipality in order to pay the annual Environmental and Garbage Collection Tax.
  • Arrange for a real estate agent to list your rental property.
  • To enter into a lease agreement with your tenant.
  • To ensure that the tenant pays the rent on time.
  • If the tenant fails to pay the rent on time, we will issue a warning letter.
  • We can file a lawsuit to evict the tenant if necessary.
  • To see if the tenant is paying the management’s monthly dues.
  • Purchase of Real Estate and Certificate of Conformity

After receiving the conformity certificate, our Turkish citizenship lawyers are ready to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Obtaining a conformity certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the purchase of a real estate property with a minimum value of $400,000 or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent amount of Turkish Liras [prior to the amendment, such amount was $250,000] and attaching a no-sale annotation for at least three years at the relevant title registry.

Purchasing a real estate property with property ownership or a construction servitude with a preliminary sale contract executed before a notary public and at least $250,000 or amount of foreign currency or Turkish Liras paid in advance, and such notarized preliminary sale contract should be recorded at the relevant title registry with the undertaking not to transfer or assign the agreement for a period of three years.

To determine the value of the subject real estate, a real estate appraiser with a valid license approved by the Capital Market Board should draft a real estate value assessment report that shows the value of such real estate. The assessment report should be issued three months (at most) before the application date. This value assessment report will be valid until the transaction is completed. If the applicant completed the purchasing transactions before obtaining a real estate value assessment report, the date of the report should be the same as the date of purchase.

The Costs of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship with the Help of a Lawyer

Obtaining Turkish citizenship can be a complex process, and working with a lawyer can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently. Our lawyers can help with tasks such as preparing and submitting the necessary documents, negotiating with developers or property sellers, and representing clients throughout the citizenship application process. Lawyers’ fees for assisting with Turkish citizenship applications typically range from $1500-$2500, and other expenses such as translation, notarization, and other fees can add another $500-$1000 to the overall cost. While these costs may seem steep, they can ultimately save clients time and stress by ensuring that their citizenship application is handled correctly and efficiently.

Contact us if you need Turkish Citizenship Lawyers.

With investment law, Simply TR is a solution-oriented law firm that empowers clients to meet the diverse and changing demands of today’s citizenship. Our attorneys have been assisting clients with complex legal challenges and maximizing opportunities for success. In Istanbul, Turkey, our law firm is now one of the leading Turkish Citizenship law firms. You can get in touch with us for Turkish Citizenship Lawyers in Turkey via our Contact page or text us from 00905316234006. (Click go to the link)


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