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Work permit applications generally start when foreigners apply for work permits and visas to the relevant foreign representatives of the Republic of Turkey. However, if the foreigner in Turkey has a valid residence permit for at least 6 months, the work permit application can be made as a domestic application. The requested documents will be sent online via the e-permit automation system.

Requested Documents

  • Employment contract signed by the employer and the foreigner. (This document will be scanned and sent online during the electronic application.) Click to view sample employment contracts.
  • Passport copy. (In cases where the passport is not written in Latin letters, a sworn translator or certified translation by official authorities will also be attached to the application.) (This document will be scanned and sent online during the electronic application.) Important Note: Pursuant to Article 23 of Law No. 6458, it will be given to foreigners whose request is approved by our Ministry. work permits are issued in a way that does not exceed the date sixty days before the passport expiry date. In addition, as of the work permit application date, work permit applications made with a passport with a duration of less than sixty days and a document that replaces a passport are not processed.
  • A copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate, the Turkish translation of which is certified by a sworn translator or official authorities, this document will be scanned and sent online during the electronic application. In domestic services, the presentation of the diploma is not mandatory, the statement regarding the last school completed is sufficient.
  • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette showing the latest capital and partnership structure of the organization.
  • Balance sheet and profit/loss statement for the last year approved by the tax office or certified public accountant.
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