2024: Is This the Right Time for Buying a House in Turkey?

Explore Turkish real estate market in 2024: investment opportunities, urban transformation, and tips for buying property in Turkey.



  • Significant growth in the Turkish real estate market in 2022 and the first half of 2023
  • Impact of the Turkish Lira’s devaluation and interest rate hikes in 2023, leading to a slowdown in property sales and decrease in prices
  • Decrease in property sales to foreigners due to depreciation of the Turkish Lira, but certain areas remained popular among international buyers
  • Stabilization of property prices in the latter half of 2023 and gradual increase in demand
  • Importance of investing in earthquake-resistant properties after the earthquakes in early 2023
  • Prospects for 2024 and beyond, including potential rise in credit availability and support for urban transformation projects
  • Regional investment opportunities in major cities like Istanbul and in other cities and provinces influenced by migration and natural disasters
  • Conclusion that now may be an opportune time to invest in the Turkish real estate market, considering factors like lower property prices, government incentives, and slow recovery in demand

2024: Is This the Right Time for Buying a House in Turkey?

The real estate market in Turkey has always been a dynamic sector, with fluctuations influenced by economic indicators, political stability, and global trends. For those considering investing in property or acquiring a home in Turkey, understanding the current state of the market is crucial. This analysis will delve into various factors affecting the Turkish real estate market, focusing on whether now is the opportune time to make a purchase.

The State of the Real Estate Market in 2022 and 2023

In 2022 and the first half of 2023, Turkey’s real estate market experienced significant growth, buoyed by an increase in construction activities, rising property sales, and an influx of foreign investment​​. [1] The construction sector saw a notable rise in building permits, leading to an increase in the number of units and overall floor area available. This period was characterized by a strong economic performance, despite global uncertainties, marking a promising phase for investors and homebuyers alike.

Impact of Devaluation and Interest Rate Hikes in 2023

The Turkish Lira’s devaluation and the subsequent increase in interest rates had a profound impact on the real estate market in 2023. These economic adjustments led to a slowdown in property sales as investors sought more liquid markets. The result was a noticeable decrease in property prices, especially when calculated in dollar terms, presenting a unique opportunity for potential buyers to enter the market at a lower entry point​​​​. [2]

Foreign Investment Trends

The depreciation of the Turkish Lira also affected foreign interest in the Turkish real estate market. Anticipation of further devaluation led to a decrease in property sales to foreigners, although certain areas like Antalya, Istanbul, and Mersin remained popular among international buyers, particularly Russians, Iranians, Iraqis, and Ukrainians​​. [3]

Current Market Conditions

As of the latter half of 2023, property prices have stabilized, with a gradual increase in demand starting to emerge. This change is partly due to the government’s efforts to boost the economy and the real estate sector, including measures to lower interest rates by the end of 2024​​​​. Such initiatives are expected to revitalize the housing market and potentially lead to price increases, making the present a potentially advantageous time for investments.

The Influence of Recent Earthquakes

The tragic earthquakes in early 2023 have underscored the importance of investing in earthquake-resistant properties. This demand for safer homes is gradually pushing up prices, especially in regions less affected by seismic activity. The aftermath of the disaster has highlighted the necessity for robust construction standards and may accelerate urban renewal projects aimed at replacing or strengthening older, vulnerable structures​​​​.

Prospects for 2024 and Beyond

Looking ahead, the Turkish government’s announcement to lower interest rates by the end of 2024 could stimulate a rise in credit availability, potentially increasing property prices​​. The aftermath of recent earthquakes has not only highlighted the urgent need for safer housing in Turkey but also spurred the government into action, emphasizing support for urban transformation projects. This has turned the spotlight onto older properties as potential investment opportunities. [4]

Regional Investment Opportunities

In major cities, particularly in the second-hand market, there are significant opportunities for finding value in buying property in Turkey. Istanbul, known for its vibrant real estate scene, offers a variety of options that cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, including promising deals in the resale market. Beyond Istanbul, other cities and provinces such as Kocaeli and Muğla also present attractive investment opportunities, influenced by factors like migration for better living conditions and the aftermath of natural disasters. This diversified landscape means that, whether in bustling metropolises or quieter locales, the Turkish property market holds potential gems for discerning investors and homebuyers alike. [5]


In conclusion, the Turkish real estate market is at a crossroads, with various factors suggesting that now might be an opportune time to invest. The combination of lower property prices in dollar terms, government incentives, and a slow but steady recovery in demand creates a conducive environment for buying property. While challenges remain, particularly in terms of inflation and interest rates, strategic investments, especially in regions poised for growth or urban transformation, could yield significant returns. As always, potential buyers and investors should conduct thorough research and consider their long-term objectives before entering the market.

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