What is the Ç-104 Restriction Code?

If you're a foreigner residing in Turkey, it's crucial to know about the Ç-104 Restriction Code.This code applies under specific circumstances.

Ç-104 Restriction Code

Understanding the Ç-104 Restriction Code in Turkey

If you’re a foreigner residing in Turkey, it’s crucial to know about the Ç-104 Restriction Code. This code applies under specific circumstances:

When Does Ç-104 Restriction Code Apply?

The Ç-104 Restriction Code is specifically applied in situations where:

  • Violation of Residence Duration: If you stay in Turkey beyond the allowed time on your residence or work permit, or if you overstay your visa for a period ranging between 1 to 2 years, the Ç-104 code becomes relevant.
  • Two-Year Entry Ban: In such cases of violation, you may be subjected to a two-year ban from entering Turkey. This is the primary implication of the Ç-104 code.

What Can You Do?

If you find yourself impacted by the Ç-104 Restriction Code, there are several options to consider:

  1. Exploring Specific Visa Types:
    • You might still be able to enter Turkey by applying for visas based on family reunification, student status, health reasons, or work permits. These specific circumstances can provide valid grounds for your re-entry into Turkey.
  2. Legal Assistance for Unjust Restrictions:
    • In cases where you believe the Ç-104 Restriction Code has been unjustly applied to you, our legal team can help. Through our attorney’s assistance, you have the option to challenge this decision by filing a legal case.
  3. Waiting Out the Ban Period:
    • Alternatively, if these options are not viable or preferable, you can choose to wait until the duration of the ban expires.

Each of these routes offers a pathway to address the challenges posed by the Ç-104 code, ensuring you can manage your situation with informed choices and appropriate actions.

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