Cost of Business in Turkey: A Comparative Analysis

Introduction to Cost of Business in Turkey Turkey offers a […]

Cost of business in turkey

Introduction to Cost of Business in Turkey

Turkey offers a unique blend of European and Asian business cultures, making it an attractive destination for young entrepreneurs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various costs of doing business in Turkey, comparing them with neighboring countries to highlight Turkey’s competitive advantages.

Labor Costs: An Affordable Workforce

Labor cost is a critical factor in any business operation. In Turkey, the total employer cost for a minimum wage worker is about $553.05 per month. This cost includes the gross minimum wage ($470.68), social security premium ($72.96), and unemployment insurance fund contributions ($9.41). When compared to European nations like Germany or France, where the labor costs are significantly higher, Turkey presents a more budget-friendly option for startups and small businesses.

Table: Labor Cost Comparison

کشور Approx. Monthly Labor Cost (USD)
بوقلمون $553.05
آلمان $2,000+ (Varies by industry)
فرانسه $2,500+ (Varies by industry)

Electricity Costs: Keeping the Lights On

Electricity costs are vital for day-to-day operations. In Turkey, businesses pay approximately 9 cents per kWh during the day, 15 cents at peak times, and 5 cents at night. These rates are quite competitive compared to countries like Italy or Spain, where electricity costs can be as high as 20-30 cents per kWh.

Table: Electricity Cost Comparison

کشور Day-time Cost per kWh (USD)
بوقلمون 9 cents
ایتالیا 30 cents
اسپانیا 25 cents

Water Costs for Industrial Use: A Vital Resource

Water is a crucial resource, especially for manufacturing and industrial businesses. In Turkey, the cost varies by location. For example, it’s about $0.14/m³ in Eskişehir OIZ and $0.55/m³ in İzmir Aliağa OIZ. Compared to some Middle Eastern countries where water scarcity drives up costs, Turkey offers more economical rates.

Table: Water Cost Comparison

محل Water Cost per m³ (USD)
Eskişehir OIZ, Turkey $0.14
İzmir Aliağa OIZ, Turkey $0.55
Middle Eastern Countries Varies; Generally Higher

Natural Gas Costs: Fueling Industries

Natural gas costs in Turkey are also appealing for businesses, especially in energy-intensive industries. Smaller users pay around $0.25/kWh, while larger users pay about $0.33/kWh. These rates are competitive, especially when compared to European nations where natural gas costs can be significantly higher.

Table: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Consumption Level Turkey Cost per kWh (USD)
Small Users $0.25
Large Users $0.33

Turkey’s Competitive Edge in Business Costs

Turkey’s position as a crossroads between Europe and Asia isn’t just geographical; it’s also economic. When comparing operational costs like labor, electricity, water, and natural gas, Turkey offers distinct advantages:

  1. Lower Labor Costs: Turkey’s average monthly labor cost of about $553 is significantly lower than in many European countries, such as Germany ($2,000+) and France ($2,500+). This can be a game-changer for businesses, especially startups and SMEs, where labor costs constitute a major portion of expenses. For instance, a tech startup in Turkey can hire more skilled developers for the same budget as in Western Europe, accelerating its growth and innovation capacity.
  2. Affordable Utility Costs: With electricity costs as low as 5 cents per kWh during off-peak hours, manufacturing units can optimize production schedules for cost efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for energy-intensive industries like textile manufacturing, a sector where Turkey already excels.
  3. Strategic Location: Turkey’s unique positioning allows easy access to both European and Asian markets. This can reduce shipping and logistics costs significantly, making it an ideal hub for export-oriented businesses.
  4. Lower Water and Natural Gas Costs: Although specific comparative data are scarce, Turkey’s water and natural gas costs are generally lower than those in many neighboring countries. This can be particularly advantageous for industries dependent on these resources, like agriculture and petrochemicals.


Turkey’s competitive cost structure is a magnet for young entrepreneurs and business owners. Its strategic location, combined with lower costs in labor and utilities, creates an environment conducive to growth and expansion. Particularly for industries that are labor and energy-intensive, Turkey offers an opportunity to significantly reduce operational costs while accessing a large and diverse market. The country’s growing economy and favorable business climate make it an ideal destination for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in the region.

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