Turkish Citizenship Challenges for Children: Investment Rejections After 18

Introduction: Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is an appealing route […]

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is an appealing route for many families. However, when an application is filed for a child before they turn 18 and a rejection follows after they turn 18, it raises legal concerns.

Turkish Citizenship and Investment:

Turkey’s citizenship by investment program is designed to attract global talent and capital. This pathway is particularly appealing for families, as it allows parents and their children to acquire Turkish citizenship through qualifying investments.

Common Investment Routes:

  • Real Estate: Purchasing property worth at least $400,000 USD.
  • Bank Deposit: Depositing $500,000 USD in a Turkish bank.
  • Business Investment: Establishing a company or investing in an existing one that meets specific criteria.

The program’s appeal lies in its simplicity, efficiency, and inclusivity, allowing both the investor and their dependents to benefit.

Age Limitations:

A critical factor in this process is the child’s age at the time of application.

Under 18 Benefits: Children under 18 years of age can benefit from their parent’s investment-based application, gaining citizenship alongside them.

Turning 18: However, upon turning 18, this automatic inclusion ceases. Applications still in progress might face rejection solely due to age, which raises legal questions.

Dealing with Rejections:

Pursuing Legal Action: If an application is rejected due to age, it may be possible to challenge the decision legally. Families facing this situation should consider filing a lawsuit to contest the rejection and protect their rights.

Seeking Legal Counsel: To navigate these complex legal waters, families can seek legal advice. Professional legal support can clarify the available options, outline the next steps, and increase the chances of success.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment can be straightforward yet complex, particularly when age factors in. Families are encouraged to consider legal action if their application is unfairly rejected. For further legal support and guidance, reach out to our team at Simply TR.

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