Maximizing Investment Opportunities: Investment Zones in Turkey

Investment Zones in Turkey Turkey, a nexus of trade and […]

Investment Zones in Turkey

Investment Zones in Turkey

Turkey, a nexus of trade and culture straddling Europe and Asia, offers investors a variety of specialized zones each tailored to different investment needs. Understanding these zones – Technology Development Zones, Organized Industrial Zones, and Free Zones – is key to leveraging Turkey’s unique position in the global economy.

Technology Development Zones: Fostering Innovation and R&D

Technology Development Zones (TDZs), also known as Technoparks, are designed to boost R&D activities and high-tech investments. With 84 TDZs across the country, of which 63 are operational, these zones offer significant tax incentives and support to businesses.

Advantages of TDZs:

  • Tax Exemptions: Profits from R&D, software development, and design are exempt from income and corporate taxes until the end of 2023.
  • VAT Exemption: Sales of application software produced in TDZs enjoy VAT exemption, promoting software development in various domains.
  • Support for Personnel: Remuneration for R&D and design personnel is tax-exempt, with additional support for a limited number of support staff.
  • Investment Opportunities: TDZs allow for investments in technological product production based on R&D outcomes.
  • Social Security Support: The government covers 50% of the social security premium for employers.

These incentives make TDZs ideal for businesses focusing on technological innovation, offering a conducive environment for growth and development in cutting-edge sectors.

Organized Industrial Zones: Enabling Efficient Operations

Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs) are tailored for companies seeking investor-friendly environments with ready infrastructure. Turkey boasts 353 OIZs, providing comprehensive services including roads, utilities, and waste treatment.

Advantages of OIZs:

  • Exemptions and Incentives: OIZs offer various incentives like VAT exemption on land acquisitions and relief from real estate duties.
  • Utility Cost Benefits: Companies in OIZs benefit from lower costs for utilities like water, natural gas, and telecommunications.
  • Flexibility in Operations: OIZs provide exemptions from municipality taxes and facilitate ease in operations through various tax and administrative reliefs.

With more than 67,000 companies operating in these zones, OIZs are a testament to Turkey’s commitment to creating an efficient and business-friendly environment.

Free Zones: Boosting Export-Oriented Investments

Free Zones (FZs) in Turkey are unique areas that, although within the political borders, are considered outside the customs area. Primarily designed to enhance export-focused investments, these zones are strategically located near the EU and Middle Eastern markets, with easy access to major sea routes.

Advantages of FZs:

  • Comprehensive Tax Exemptions: FZs offer a complete exemption from customs duties, corporate income tax for manufacturing companies, VAT, and special consumption tax.
  • Employee Income Tax Relief: There’s a total exemption from income tax on employees’ wages for companies that meet certain export requirements.
  • Unrestricted Profit Transfer: Companies in FZs can freely transfer their profits abroad or to other parts of Turkey without any restrictions.
  • Indefinite Storage Period: Goods can be stored in FZs indefinitely, providing flexibility in logistics and inventory management.
  • Incentives for Property Transactions: Exemptions apply to title deed fees and VAT during construction and setup phases.
  • Import of Second-Hand Machinery: FZs permit the import of used machinery, offering cost-effective solutions for setting up operations.

These benefits make FZs particularly attractive to companies aiming to expand their export operations and tap into Turkey’s strategic trade position.

Examples of Investment Zones in Turkey

Technology Development Zones (TDZs)

  • Bilkent Cyberpark, Ankara: Located in Turkey’s capital, this TDZ is a hub for ICT companies and startups, offering a vibrant ecosystem for innovation.
  • Technopark Istanbul: Situated in Turkey’s largest city, it provides an excellent platform for companies specializing in aerospace, defense, and information technologies.

Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs)

  • Gebze Organized Industrial Zone: Near Istanbul, Gebze OIZ is renowned for its concentration of automotive and electronics companies.
  • İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone: Positioned in one of Turkey’s most important port cities, this zone is ideal for businesses in sectors like textile, food, and machinery.

Free Zones (FZs)

  • Mersin Free Zone: Located on the Mediterranean coast, it’s ideal for trade with Middle Eastern and North African countries, specializing in logistics, trade, and manufacturing.
  • İzmir Free Zone (Ege Serbest Bölgesi): Situated near İzmir, one of Turkey’s key ports, it’s perfect for businesses focusing on export-oriented manufacturing, particularly in textiles and automotive.

These zones, strategically positioned in key locations across Turkey, offer distinct advantages for a variety of industries. From Istanbul’s bustling economic activity to İzmir’s access to international trade routes, each zone caters to specific business needs, fostering growth and innovation.

Conclusion: Turkey’s Investment Zones as Catalysts for Growth

Turkey’s investment zones, with their tailored benefits and strategic locations, serve as significant catalysts for both domestic and international business growth. They provide the necessary infrastructure, financial incentives, and support services to nurture and expand businesses across various sectors.

Whether it’s leveraging the technological and innovative environment of TDZs, taking advantage of the ready-to-use infrastructure in OIZs, or capitalizing on the export-driven incentives of FZs, Turkey presents diverse and lucrative opportunities for investors and companies looking to establish a robust presence in the region.

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